Monday, September 29, 2008

And so it begins...

I haven't confessed to everyone this little secret of mine. I haven't opened myself up to the world and announced "look at me and laugh if you dare." I haven't handed out my dreams like napkins, for people to wipe their hands on and crumple. But, apparently I'm about to.

I am now in the 3rd draft of my first novel. I've spent lots of time researching the publishing business, reading other author's blogs, and getting alternately excited and discouraged. Maybe writing is like this for everyone--it gives me multiple personalities. One moment, I'm confident and sure that my book will be published, and I'll be able to continue writing with that label stamped across my forehead announcing I've made it. The next moment though, I'm sure it is trash and that it doesn't measure up to the worst YA books I've read, and I should probably save myself the misery of all the forthcoming rejections. 

Still, the larger, in-the-background voice that tends to be the real operations control center is convinced that I have read widely enough, studied and taught and am generally prepared...and my book shows it. 

With that in mind, I've started this blog. Because, eventually it will be my website, where readers will come and find out about me. And, it is always good to document a journey--even if in the end it is only for me.

So, here is my status, Day 1 (which isn't really "Day One" at all because this whole book thing has been in process at least six months now): I am revising both my manuscript and my query letter, doing research on agents and writing synopsis, and also trying to get my house clean so I can host book club tomorrow. The Twins (my terrible two-year-olds) are shaking the walls by bouncing in their cribs. They're supposed to be asleep. My sanity level is good. 

Further updates as warranted...