Friday, June 28, 2013

Look! The return...

About a week ago I nearly took a picture of my loveseat because it was laundry-free. For those of you who either 1. do not have small children or 2. are amazing at getting laundry done (or 3. are aliens) laundry is the evil that multiplies all on its own. I know I seem dramatic, but I swear laundry has the ability to procreate. You look away for a minute and suddenly your pile is twice as big and all those socks? They've run off for fantastic honeymoons in far-off places.

I wonder if someday someone is going to unearth a giant mountain of socks on some Caribbean island? Everyone else will see it as some big mystery but we'll be laughing, won't we precious. We always knew about those sneaky socks.

Anyhow. Laundry. I contend that summer is the worst for laundry because of all the changing in and out of swimsuits and such, though a good argument can be made for winter because of the bulky clothing. In the middle of my passionate, and logical defense of my own position I wonder: how did my life get reduced to this?

But I remind myself: it isn't reduction, its addition. I wanted these kids, all frustrating, stubborn, dirty, sometimes lazy and always patience-testing parts of them. I volunteered to have them take over my life. And I am better for it. Maybe not today, with a bit too much yelling and all the frustrated proclamations (no more tv ever! You will never have another new toy! No more desserts!) (that last one was aimed at me). I still believe if you don't learn to get over yourself and focus on others, the little or big people in your life, you become a weirdo. And frankly, I came out weird enough.

They are slowly and surely softening my rough edges. And each time I mess up and try to do better and am forced into confronting my weaknesses and foolishness I end the day grateful I was brave enough to try. Change is hard and trying to become a person good enough to raise these beautiful children? Scary enough some days I am afraid to get out of bed because I know I will fail the moment I open my mouth.

Luckily, they forgive fast. And love hard.

Does this post have anything to do with writing? Maybe. You should squint hard between the lines. In the meantime, I have to check on daughter #1 (on the toilet) and pray daughter #2 will not wake up while I make sure the twins are cleaning their "stations." Luckily, I'm not Cinderella. I have a deadline. I'm going to write an hour today even if the toilets don't get cleaned.

So there. Take that laundry.