Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And Then There Was Vomit

Sorry for the gross title (not really sorry). Did I lose anyone? No? That's why you're my people.

My 3-year-old has been a special kind of awesome lately. The ladies over on Rants from Mommyland mentioned a "cupcake baked by the devil."


One of my friends pinned an article on Pinterest about how to manage your anger toward your children and I seriously raspberried the computer screen. Then I crossed my arms, stomped my foot and tossed my hair (I have an excellent tantrum teacher). It was just one of those days.

So today. We went to the Y, the boys had gymnastics and then I promised the kids the BLOCK ROOM. The block room has padded walls and floor, which is a good thing because it is filled with foam shapes of various sizes all ready to be stacked, rolled on, leaped over and generally made mayhem with. The block room is my children's favorite place.

Three-year-old played beautifully in the block room. She ran. She leapt. She didn't fall apart when the crazy boys (it was full of crazy boys, not just my own) knocked her down. At one point she ran up to me and asked, very concerned:
"Mom, are we real?"


"Am I real?"


"What about daddy?"

I'm not sure if she was really pondering the existential nature of life or not, but apparently learning we were indeed real made her feel all kinds of better because she was charming! She hugged. She kissed. She listened.

And then there was vomit.

And when the dust had settled and she was in the bath and I had a second (while watching her thankyou) I checked some of my places online and discovered an old acquaintance had died in a terrible accident, and another friend-of-a-blogger-I-have-read was killed by an infection after giving birth. This is in addition to the other tragedies I've learned about this week (and there have been MANY).

And I hugged her little face and decided maybe the anger articles was worth reading after all.

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