Thursday, October 7, 2010

Actual Excitement

I'm not going to delve into the deep mysteries of my brain here, but the last time I was excited about a book, (*cough* Mockingjay *cough*) I was disappointed. Sad. Bereft. Hype is such a hard thing to live up to. I like to find books browsing at the library, or through a friend's recommendation. Or because the blurb sounded really cool at the bookstore.

And yet...sometimes there's hype for a reason.

If you haven't seen the hype for Beth Revis's Across the Universe yet, you probably will. But before that, click on this link to read the first chapter.
Across the Universe

Then, if you want to be all fangirl with me, you can head over to her site, here.

It's true friends. I'm excited about this one.

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Nomes said...

yeah, i am completely excited about this one too. and i'm hoping hoping hoping it wont let me down like other books i get pumped about (sorry Mockingjay...).

Penguin are going to forward me a finished copy prior to its release so i'll be stalking my mailbox in december!