Monday, December 20, 2010

To Note:

  1. I am a little kid. Perhaps my matronly 31-year-old body fooled you into thinking I'm an adult? HaHA! Jokes on YOU! (or, erm, me?) I predict I'll have as hard a time sleeping Christmas Eve as the kiddos. I'm excited to give them their presents. Excited for the magic. Excited to yank out the hidden gifts. And especially excited for the nook my husband-of-wonder has stashed for me. thankyouthankyouthankyou.
  2. I maybe am letting my 17-month-old daughter watch tv often enough that she will be all cranky, and then she'll put her little face close to mine and say, "show?" I feel this is a parenting fail, but I really love I can distract her for twenty minutes...argh! Winter is hard. Speaking of, it is snowing beautifully right now. That light steady, fluffy kind. I hope it stays for Christmas, but the weather report is a bit of a downer on that front.
  3. I am totally using the Santa threat on my 4-year-old twins. As in, the other day I told them they were on the naughty list and they'd better shape up or it would be a lump of coal for them. They have NO IDEA what coal even IS, but they've been a bit better. I feel no guilt about this. 
  4. I got Christmas card printed about three weeks ago, but only the first batch has gone out. I did go get stamps, but the addressing has not commenced again. 
  5. I have one big Christmas project left. Other than that, it is just cleaning and a little wrapping
  6. I really love Christmas. I'll just say it again
This was supposed to be five random things, al la Sarah Dessen's blog. But...I added one more. 


E.J. Wesley said...

Snow would be so awesome! We're going to be nearly 80 for the next few days here in South Texas. "It's beginning to look a lot like Spring-Time, everywhere you gooooo." :(

Michelle said...

LOVE christmas too - and I'm also the type who can't sleep on christmas eve, even with the knowledge the big S probably isn't coming.

Great post Janine. <3 Happy holidays!

Melanie said...

winter sucks, let them watch all the tv they want. it will help keep everyone sane and your children will not be damaged because of it. I swears it!

totally agree with the santa threat. I mean, use it while you can. one day they won't believe in any of this crap anymore.

and, yay for the nook! dh rocks!