Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Attempt Two

Confession: I wrote a whole big blog post earlier, but when I re-read it I recognized it was a big pile of nonsense. Really. I made NO sense. I shall attempt to do better this time.

Let me tell you about my day. No. Let me summarize:

  • 4,298: the number of times the twins came running to me, screaming "MOM" at the top of their lungs, while babygirl was sleeping on my lap.
  • 3: number of baths I gave. This is misleading. It was sort of one big bath, but in stages, with different participants.
  • 2: number if different lunches I prepared (this is pretty good for me)
  • 0: number of bites babygirl took of any food I attempted to give her. She survives on whole milk and kisses today.
  • 110: fights I broke up
  • 20: minutes the twins managed to stay out of my sight during quiet time
  • 0 words I've written on the good ole WIP.
I could go on, but I think you get the point. Some days are more productive than others. Can I also say being a mom is perhaps the most un-glamorous thing you can do? Seriously. It starts with you half-naked on a table,  fluids gushing and lots of strangers weaving around, and I'm telling you folks, it doesn't get a whole lot prettier after that.


Babygirl always squeezes me so tight when she wakes up. She snuggles right in and won't let go. And the boys? If I'd managed to write down half their funny stuff today you wouldn't be reading such a boring post. 
And now: kids in bed. Things are quiet. Its me and the computer.

Let's all just hope I've got enough brain juice left to make something happen.


Michelle said...

I'm rooting for you, lovely! C''mon inspiration, strike strike! With a healthy sidedish of downtime, too. :)

Renee Collins said...

Aw, little twins! How cute. Though, I'm sure there are moments when their actions aren't so cute. :) Been there. Oh, have I been there.

Connie said...

As a mom with four whose oldest is now twenty (how did that happen), I'd love to tell you that you'll have so much more time when their older--but you won't. But it's wonderful. And hey, they'll eventually start reading your writing and hassle you to "hurry up and write some more." :)

Diana said...

I can't tell you how much I loved this post! Your numbers were so true and hilarious! I have two kids (one very rowdy two and a half year old boy and a sweet one year old girl) I feel like when I actually have time to write it’s a miracle. Thanks for making me laugh on a day I really needed to :)