Monday, January 17, 2011


In random today, here's another list of five unrelated things about me and the world in general:
  • Babygirl is finally behaving at the gym's daycare. At least, mostly behaving. So as I type this, I'm rather sore. It has always seemed to me that soreness should equal skinniness. Sadly, one good workout doesn't exactly produce visible results. Also, I used to be able to run a few miles without too much trauma (I never claimed to be an athlete) but now I'm lucky to make it past the three-minute mark. Sadly out of shape. 
  • I've seen all the Toy Story movies enough that, should I desire it, I could probably quote them all verbatim. Even the third. I am not proud of this, (well, maybe a little). I am happy Toy Story 3 won the golden globe last night.
  • Speaking of the golden globes...I'm sorta feeling they've lost credibility. Both Burlesque and The Tourist were nominated this year. And not in categories like score (although maybe Burlesque was there too) where you can justify a truly bad movie getting an award. Hey, if some part is good. No, those movies were up for best picture in their respective categories. How can a group that is willing to nominate such obviously undeserving movies be taken seriously? The better question though is WHY DO I CARE?
  • I know you've all wondered, but my Christmas present from the best-husband-ever (let's think of a good blog nickname for him, shall we?) has NOT DISAPPOINTED. Last night I was super bummed, and wanted to curl up to a good romance-y novel. Did I have one? No. Do I have any money? No. What did I do? Downloaded one from my library. While I was in my pajamas. On a Sunday night. WIN people. WIN.
  • I am about to go make some cinnamon bread, which I am not supposed to eat because I am trying to lose those last $#@! pounds. Seriously, this might prove impossible. I mean, cinnamon bread? I know what you're thinking. I have to make it. A neighbor did us a major favor the other day, and we need to show gratitude. No, I cannot just buy him a loaf. Homemade. It must be homemade. That's just the way I roll. 
Smile people. January will end someday. Also, in light of the excellent Amazon reviews of Snooki's book, I figured it was important to make sure you'd all seen this:

I got it from here.


Amanda the Aspiring said...

Bahaha, that venn diagram is awesome. You should be proud of your Toy Story quoting capabilities! It is a very valuable skill. ;)

Renee Collins said...

I watch the Golden Globes to see the pretty dresses. Now *that's* something not worth caring about. :)

Also, that venn diagram cracks me up. UM, SERIOUSLY. All I can figure is that in her grab for more money/15 minutes of fame, Snooki had to rule out making an album and was left with hiring a ghostwriter.

Melanie said...

Yay for the free book from the library!!! that's awesome. Yay for yummy cinn. bread but boo for having it interfere with those last lbs you wanna lose. Still crack up every time I see that snookie thing. *walks away shaking head wondering why she has a published book and i don't*.

Anonymous said...

Love that you have Toy Story memorized. I'm kind of the same with CARS cuz I have two boys who love it.