Monday, March 14, 2011

Loathing and Loving

Today, I've got for you (and I promise someday to actually do things like schedule my blogs and be a regular poster. I promise) two special things: one I loathe, the other I love.

So I often post little reviews/rants about commercials. Because, frankly, I don't have TiVo or a DVR so I end up watching commercials.

And while some are charming and witty, and not only convey something about the product or service they're trying to sell but also manage to tell a little story with it, many, many others are deeply misguided. Consider the following:

At first glance you can see how they thought this might be funny. They gave the host glasses with those little glasses-holder strings. Hilarious! Everyone knows that's a recipe for being mocked. And, you know, she looks a bit geeky. A bit stuffy. Everyone else is more casual, and happy, ready for some fun social mixing, if it weren't for that pesky book they've all gotta talk about.

I tried to analyze all the reasons this bothers me. Is it the inconsiderate "friends" who freely admit to taking advantage of hospitality offered and not even bothering to be polite (read a summary online people!) about it? Is it the implication that only stuffy, glasses-string-wearing uptight people care about book? For all you loose and funky people it's about the pizza baby. Is it that they're schilling for a diet pizza in a room filled with women (no football-watching sports fans here)?

Um, yeah. All of the above. I don't think this is funny, I don't like the woman who claims she comes just for the pizza, and all that happens is by the end of it I want to put my arms around the poor hostess and tell her to ditch all those selfish ladies and invite me. I love books! I also love pizza, but I WOULD read the book, and hopefully bring some thoughtful comments to the table. Papa Murphy's FAIL.

Meanwhile, this weekend I started, and finished reading Jennifer Donnely's Revolution.Revolution [Book]

Oh. My.

I don't review books on this blog all. Which is mostly because I'm too lazy, let's be honest. But, once in awhile I do find something amazing enough I've GOT to share.

Revolution was beautifully crafted (how much you want to bet she's the kind of writer with an outline??). She wove together the story of Andi, a contemporary girl from Brooklyn, nearly crippled with grief over the death of her brother, and Alex, a girl living in Revolutionary France. And though I didn't always agree with the philosophy or underlying assumptions, though I didn't always love either character, and though I was sometimes overwhelmed with the horror of the French Revolution, I finished the book humbled, both as a person and as a writer. I learned history, I learned humanity, and I was entertained.

I have to note though, this book deals with some deep issues and there is a lot of (historical) violence. I would definitely say this is a 14/15 and up book, and perhaps one a parent would want to read first or at least with their teen. Seriously a worthy read.

And, don't forget, I'd love it if you'd hop on over to wattpad and vote for Webs. I'm all engrossed in my latest WIP, but how fun would it be to have some of those editors/agents take a look at my stuff? Yup. Fun.


Diana said...

That seriously is a lame commercial. I loved how the nerdy "book reader" was also noticeably older that the others, because, as we all know, reading isn’t as hip or fun as Papa Murphy's pizza...

Renee Collins said...

High fives from one constant commercial analyzer to another. :)

I'm always explaining to my husband why a certain commercial worked or didn't work. Though, I don't think he appreciates my thoughtful analysis as much as he should.

Also, OMG, Revolution is totally on my to read list! My agent actually recommended it to me! This blog post settles it. Now I'm totally picking it up.

Krista Ashe said...

I can't wait to read Revolution! It is on my "to be bought" pile for a po' teacher.

Kadie Kinney said...

Oh I'm excited to read that book now! Thanks for sharing!
By the way I passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to you! The info can be found at