Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Compromise. And why it should stop.

So, obviously I don't really think we should stop all compromise. I mean, world peace people! Give a little, take a little!

That said.

There are times when compromise just gets you to a place no one wanted to be. Having no knowledge of the process which produced the following commercial, I can't say for sure compromise was involved:

I kind of hope this was a result of compromise. You know, when you're doing some kind of group project and someone has a brilliant idea (me) and someone else disagrees. Instead of saying flat-out my idea is better, I might (well, fine I might not, but you, being such a good person, probably would) try to find a place where we could both agree. Which doesn't exist. Because my idea was better.

Let's imagine the scene. Someone has a brilliant idea to show how with Michelin tires on your car you could stop in time to save the cutie-pie animated bunny frolicking on the road. Following the logic so far. Then, someone else in the group, no doubt hoping to look impressive, says "no! it isn't just the poor little animal. The road itself is sad before the Michelin tires come to save it." Let's take a moment here: really people? I mean, that's the concept here. Someone presented this and someone else approved it and they all thought it was a good idea? Even after it was animated? 

The end result, as you can see, is easily vying for the creepiest commercial ever conceived by a tire company. Or, almost any company. Wow.

Sometimes compromise takes a good concept, and through the magic of group dynamics, makes it into creepy horribleness.

Don't let this happen to you.


Nick said...

Someone once said, "Don't compromise. Integrate." I think that is a reasonable statement much of the time, because compromise often turns into a lose-lose situation.

Mohamed Mughal said...

Writing will be a perfect vocation for you. No compromise, just you!

I can relate.