Monday, September 6, 2010

What Frozen Biscuits Taught Me About Characters...


On my theme of commercials, I submit to you this gem from Hardees (except around here its from Carl's Jr):


(admit it, he made you smile).

Here's the thing. There's no angst. This earnest young man, can't you just see him scurrying around the counter to help a Little Old Lady with her tray? You know he shows up for dates (no just hanging out for him) with flowers and has never ever broken curfew. He is a Manager. He's Going Places. He went to employee training, and when they talked about synergy he felt a stirring inside. He might not already own a Tony Robbins DVD, but he will.

I like him. I like that every time I see him, telling me about the joys of frozen biscuits, I feel like there's a friend in my living room. The kind of friend who might be more in the fringe than in the group, the kind of friend you set up with the girl you're afraid might turn into a crazy cat lady if she doesn't get off her current trajectory, but a friend nonetheless.

And that, my friends, is a character study disguised as a commercial for a breakfast biscuit.


Melanie said...

haha...nice. the kid was adorable. just as you said. i can picture him in my living room trying to convince me that frozen biscuits really are the only way to go. but i have to say that friggin' sandwich looked DELICIOUS. maybe i shouldn't have watched that commercial on an empty stomach :-) good thing i'm cooking dinner and not driving by an fast food places tonight!

Connie said...

He and the possible cat lady would make a lovely couple.