Friday, February 11, 2011

In Random

1. I hate carpet. It gets gross. And smelly. And it stains. Sometimes it has a lot of stains. And when you vacuum and feel like ah, now it is finally clean? Totally still gross. You just got up the crusty Cheerios which had been ground in by the small yet eerily strong feet of tiny people.

2. I am completely addicted to sugar. Have I mentioned this before? Let me enlighten you. Addicted. To. Sugar. I went off it for a week, and I expected great things. Did I get them? No. I gained two pounds. It might have related to the superbowl extravaganza, but really people. It wasn't SO crazy. So this week I've been back on it. Sneaking little treats. Searching the cupboards for hidden goodies. I might need professional help.

3. I make my own pizza. And it is soooo good. Maybe not quite the same as my brother's although I don't know. I've gotten better lately. And almost nothing makes me happier than the smell of something yeasty rising. Is that weird? It is undoubtedly related to #2. *sigh*

4. This blog post has been brought to you by my three children, who are being suspiciously quiet downstairs. I checked on them a few minutes ago. But I don't want to go back, because the minute they see me they realize they have approximately 1,245 immediate needs. Of course, this means the 18-month-old is being supervised by two 4 1/2-year-olds. Don't think too hard about this.

5. Me: Hmm. My head hurts. And my teeth. And I've got lots of pressure. Probably sinuses. I should probably take something. *a few minutes go by* Head. Sinuses. Get medication. *an hour later* Dang! Why does my head hurt so bad? I bet I need to eat about 9,000 calories in conversation hearts. Nothing helps a headache like artificial color and sugar. *ten minutes later* Oops.



Tara Tyler said...

random rambling...I've had that take over before - and yes, let quiet children be until you hear someone yell =0 I forgot my tylenol too, thanks for reminding me!

Connie said...

Conversation hearts! Yum! My favorite thing about Valentine's Day is buying the conversation hearts half-priced after the 14th is over.

Rachele Alpine said...

Hello! I'm visiting through absolutewrite. I saw that you mentioned you were an english teacher, and I am too! Woo-hoo to summers! I hate carpet also! My fiance and I just bought our first house and I'm so grossed out that the carpet isn't mine. Getting new carpet is at the top of our to-do list!