Monday, February 7, 2011


In keeping with the themes of this blog (themes? blog? what I am doing here? is this thing on?) I thought it essential you know The Cosby Show is now being streamed on Netflix instant watch.

Be still my heart.

Many happy hours were spent as a child watching Cosby. And seriously? Watch the pilot. Best. Show. Ever.




Candice said...

I too spent many, many hours watching this show. Too bad I just canceled my Netflix!

Debbie Barr said...

Okay, so I found you and your blog on Natalie Whipple's critique partner classifieds, and I have this big ol' e-mail I was going to send to you where I was like "Hi, be my friend!", but then I realized you didn't post your e-mail, and I was wondering if I could possibly get your e-mail address?

And that was a run-on sentence. See why I need a crit partner?

In any case, if you wouldn't mind me sending you that e-mail with my -proper- introduction, would you please e-mail me at soupwriter [at] gmail [dot] com? Thanks!